Organic Lead Conversions in 3 Months


Increase in Traffic from Month 1


Hyper-Local Market Captured Through Strategic Keyword Optimization

Achieving 5X Organic Lead Conversions in Australia's Hyper-Local Market

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For more than twenty years, Airfit has been a proud Australian-owned and operated leader in the air conditioning industry. Serving as trusted dealers for well-known brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, and Mitsubishi, Airfit extends its services across 50+ suburbs in Melbourne

Challenges Faced by Airfit

AIRFIT AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR Company faced the challenge of maximizing organic lead conversions in Australia's hyper-local market, with a primary focus on suburbs near Melbourne.

Strategies Implemented

Strategies Implemented

Maximizing Impact, Optimizing Visibility

Our Implemented SEO Strategies


Keywords Strategy Targeting Suburbs near Melbourne: AIRFIT meticulously crafted a keywords strategy, focusing on suburbs near Melbourne. By incorporating location-specific keywords, infiniX360 aimed to capture the attention of its hyper-local audience actively seeking air conditioning repair solutions.


Creation of Micropages: To enhance relevance, AIRFIT implemented micropages on its website, each strategically designed to target highly specific suburbs. These micropages provided tailored content, addressing the unique air conditioning repair needs and concerns of residents in various Melbourne suburbs.

Unlocking Potential with Proven SEO Tactics

Our Implemented SEO Strategies

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UI & Call to Action Optimization: Recognizing the importance of user experience (UI), AIRFIT revamped its website, ensuring a seamless and engaging journey for visitors. Clear and compelling calls to action (CTAs) were strategically placed to guide users through the conversion funnel effortlessly.

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Content-Based SEO Backlinks: AIRFIT implemented a consent-based SEO backlink strategy, focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. This approach aimed to enhance SEO rankings, boost online authority and foster trust among potential customers.

As a Result: Localized Relevance:

As a Result

AIRFIT AIR CONDITIONING REPAIR MELBOURNE achieved a 5X surge in organic lead conversions, surpassing the initial target. The hyper-local focus, coupled with targeted keywords and micropages, resonated strongly with the local audience.

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