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Organic Traffic Surge in 10 Months Across Indian Cities


Organic Lead Conversions in 6 Months


Conquest with City-Specific Keywords

Pursuing B2B Keywords for a 3X Traffic Surge in 10 Months Across Multiple Indian Cities

“Ranking on Google results?...........Impossible” Is this what you think about SEO for B2B business models spanning across Multiple Indian Cities? , then here is a success story about us where we ranked one of our clients in the top 10 of Google results.

About Hinote

Hinote operates as a payroll outsourcing company based in India, specializing in HRMS solutions, particularly focused on efficient payroll management for employees. Their services extend to major metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai in India

Despite providing crucial services to industries, this business discovered its absence from organic Google Search Results rankings

Solution: We collaborated closely with the client to formulate an extensive SEO strategy, placing emphasis on their services and city locations. This strategy comprised 80% location-based keywords and 20% generic keywords.

Our efforts and the methods applied:

Our efforts and the methods applied:

infiniX360 deployed the strategy with a dedicated SEO and Content creation team.

Optimization of High-Search Volume Keywords:

As the initial step, high search volume keywords were optimized on the webpage.

Content-Based Approach for Link-Building:

A content-centric approach was employed for link-building, ensuring Hinote's website gained visibility in search results.

Google Indexing Success:

Due to Google's content reward system, the website began to get indexed within 6-7 months.

Increased Clicks and Impressions:

The indexing resulted in a substantial increase in clicks and impressions.

Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 4.8%:

The website maintained an average CTR of 4.8%, indicating the relevance and appeal of the content.

Hinote Analytics

Organic Traffic Surge:

Organic traffic witnessed a significant upswing.

85% Increase in Number of Users:

The number of users increased by an average of 85%, a growth trend that persists to date.

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